Who shouldn’t walk the Camino de Santiago?

I got a question from a reader: Who shouldn’t walk the camino?

European ICT Professional and his Camino de Santiago

European ICT Professional and his Camino de Santiago

I first want to start with my own opinion that everyone should take the opportunity for willing to walk the Camino de Santiago. I don’t suggest the last 100 km but starting from Saint-Jean-Pied-Du-Port. For me crossing the Pyrenees is an experience I would never had missed. My body and mind were tested to the maximum with the side effect I was able to predict the distances better the rest of my journey in the camino.

I’ve met pilgrims who were much younger than me but also much older. Age isn’t a restriction. It’s important how you keep your own pace. 2 Danish pilgrims from 19 had to cancel their camino due to injuries because they walked to fast. I remember they started at Saint-Jean-Pied-du-Port at the same day like me and they were smiling, why don’t you walk faster? I said no thanks… my own pace. I’m 38 years and listen to my body, you should too. It’s 800km till Santiago.

Sometimes I hear that women shouldn’t walk the camino because they are afraid. Beautiful to see during the camino a lot of young and elder women were walking alone. I found it stunning they did this. As man you can have nice and interesting conversations with them. They tell more the in and outs of women. You’ll get inside information and they can know because she is a woman herself.I had never the idea they felt insecure or not safe. Gender is not a reason to not walk.

I felt myself well and healthy. I didn’t need to use medicines. I wasn’t sick. The only thing I worried a bit about was my blatter who was removed some years ago. Those are all things which didn’t give me troubles or limitations. Listen to your body. If you feel bad slowdown the walking. I don’t have the mentality to stop. I believe it’s better to walk slow than to stop. Simple. Other hikers had their issues. People with different limitations walked on their own pace. I like to see this.

A reason I hair a lot for not going to walk is that you leave the people at home. I think this is most of the time a self reflection. People can miss you. Take this chance to have some time for yourself with both hands.

Since I walked the camino I’m even more interested in the camino. I visited several times meetings from the Camino organisation Limburg, NL. I noticed one particular thing. If I want to achieve or do something I do it. I only don’t get it why people try to plan their camino on a microscopic level in such way they can and will never go. I saw people planning for many years. As an ICT consultant I know it is possible you can plan a lot, but also you can’t plan everything. These people are planning things they will never face, packed with things they’ll never need. Thing for this, bag for that, GPS, etc… Just relax and walk. With your mouth you can handle it all. Asking is free. Ask the questions on the moment they cross your path in stead of trying to answer questions you maybe never will get. You solve the problem in the moment, but not problems of others, which may never be yours. Everyone’s journey is his/her own journey. Experience your own camino, don’t copy others camino. Your expectation is too high, you don’t want to replay a movie. Let it happen.

People who don’t let go, the camino isn’t meant for them.. buen camino