Camino de Santiago

30-07-2011 Casanova Mato – Arca O Pino

Yesterday I had some luck, The alberge had a price of 5 euro. They had a laundry machine (4.40) and wash drying machine (1 euro). I helped a Spanish guy who was busy before me with putting the laundry from the one machine to the other. Not everything was dry. My laundry took 29 minutes indicated the machine. Automatically adds soap. When the machine was finished I put my laundry in the drying machine and that should also take around 30 minutes. Mine was actually dry. I think because I had less clothes. I was happy I could pack my laundry right away without the need for waiting to dry more.

I went with a Spanish couple (Florentino and his wife) to a restaurant. They arranged it and I heard it and asked if I maybe could join them because there was no restaurant in the alberge. They said they would llike that. My Spanish was really helpful now. He thought I had 33 or 34 years of age. They had 2 kids. A son and a daughter. With a lot of pride they showed the photo of their pretty daughter. She is studying languages in London. She was able to speak English, German, Portugese and French beside her mothertongue Spanish. We enjoyed the conversations during the diner. I wanted to ask for a photo to remember this nice couple but the correct moment wasn’t there yet. After the diner they went outside to smoke a cigaret. Then Florentino asked it to me. Was nice! I gave my email address.

There was also a Scotsman in the restaurant who didn’t speak a word Spanish. The waiter asked me a lot to translate. I knew it all. Strange… me a translator.

The morning was hard. 6.13 I woke up. I already woke up before (around 5) but it was too dark to start walking. Unfortunately I had no flashlight. I would like to buy one soon. Walking went difficult but I arrived in 2 hours Melide which is around 9 km. I took a short time for a coffee and toast with jam. Writing in my journal. Charge my phone and a toilet break. Then we continue again… today a strange day… one day before the last day… I can’t believe it.

It’s now 12.45 and I arrived in Arzua. I have to do 18.8 km today. The bar is named Manala on the road Cima du Lugar 9 in Arzua. I took a break to eat something because it’s getting hotter and hotter and 19 km is still walking 4-5 hours. Happy for me I don’t have to do any laundry. I saw a waiting queue in front of a alberge. I prefer to walk more. I estimate that I will arrive at my goal for today around 18-19.00. Good enough. Arca O Pino which is around 42 km.

I think I arrived at 18.45. Really good. From here it’s 18 km to Santiago! A German speaking Belgian named Gregor walked with me. He is 20 and studies for construction manager. Intelligent and modern thinking guy. We enjoyed talking. Nice pace walked. My blister is hurting my foot. But ok 18 km! I just received a SMS from Huib. He arrived in Santiago… 24 days. I’m sure if he didn’t injure his knee he had probably arrived in Santiago 1-2 days earlier.

I’m curious what tomorrow is going to happen. I don’t have to do my laundry. The alberge is good. I have blankets. I’m going to try to get up at 04.00. Then I would arrive Santiago de Compostela around 09.00.

Diner in the evening joined with Gregor and Thale… a nice spontaneous 17 year old girl from North Germany. She walks with her 56 year old dad the camino. Her father has stomach ache and she is worried. He did walk in 1 day 100 km! Respect. Was nice.

Photo and video gallery :











Arrival province La Coruña











This is the day before the last one

Unreal how nearby Santiago now is

After my break I’m aware how near Santiago really is

Arrived at 18.45 and the last day!











Eating day before arrival











Ramond, Thale and Gregor evening dinner!

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29-07-2011 Portomarin – Casanova Mato

I suddenly woke up and noticed the Hungarian pilgrim had already left. The cyclists were still sleeping. I turned my phone on and I saw that it was some minutes before 7. Too late to do 40 km within a reasonable time. Especially since I had to do my laundry.

Putting on my shoes was giving me a lot of pain. I was thinking I hope this will come ok soon. I started to walk and I noticed that some pilgrims walked in different directions. I asked where the camino was. A pilgrim of Finland or Denmark (I always confuse those languages) said I think that way as I see there a sign with the camino on it. He was clearly more awake then me. Others walk in the other direction but I decided to follow this wake up guy. After walking a while it came again. Somewhat shaky iron bridge. With cautious and being afraid passed it. Happy to be on the other end. Felt a bit loose on those iron plates. Then I walked a lot. I thought this is going to be a tough day.

After a while walking suddenly a young lady walked next to me… appeared she is from Ireland. We started to talk and that was really fun and spontaneous. At one point we asked the reason why walking the Camino de Santiago. She did it for holidays. Teacher in Ireland for 5-12 year old teaching in Gaelic. Her name is Ashley… At least so I had understood and heard it but later when we exchanged email adresses her name prove to be Aisling. She had wise words for me and positive energy. A really nice girl.

We have taken a break together and there were 2 nice Canadian girls who joined us. They had the horror stories about bedbugs. 1 girl was covered her face with bites but they bite everywhere she told us. We enjoyed together a sandwich and a coffee.

Then again walking. She apparently likes walking with me. She kept waiting on me and we continued our walk together. She had planned to walk 20 km today. I said my minimum was 30 km and maybe even 40. I think it will be the 30. After a while speaking she told me that her brother had the same questions as I had. She expressed hope for me. Very kind and wise.

After a while walking it was again time for a little break. We sat outside. It wasn’t very camino-like. Road workers were busy with some drilling machine. Yet you easily ignore this. Really weird.

I took off my socks and Aisling saw how much pain I had. She had Compeed. I said I had too but they were too big. She told me to puncture the blisters. Well I tried but suddenly I was with her needle, which she desinfected, in my flesh so I screamed out in pain. That’s not the purpose she said better to stop. The compeed of myself in a different direction was good to use. She had a piece of plaster cut and put it on my foot. Was fine. I was able to walk good on it.

When we arrived at her final destination of the day I said I’m going to eat here. She said then I will drink somewhat. Yes of course, fun. We sit down and I said … shit I should withdraw money. In the bar I had my last 5 euros. She said don’t worry I’ll lend you some. We ordered. I ordered a menu with macaroni and chicken and yoghurt with water. She also drank water and had taken a salad. Nice chatted and it was 15. Menu cost 9 so that I actually thought of her food being expensive in comparison what I had eaten.

Cash redraw was 30 meter walking. It was working well. 100 euro taken. I gave her 20 euros and she gave me 10 back. I thought it’s ok. But she gave me the 1 euro back. We continue to walk towards her inn.

We said goodbye with a heatfelt hug. She said nice words to me (in diary written not for here). Nice. Said goodbye and walked. Without her walking was a bit difficult. If you walk alone you feel the pain faster otherwise you have distractions. Was fun.

Tomorrow last 2 days. I believe it yet. Go to sleep now. Still write about the dinner. Was a special event … and … last washed! With the machine … smells good again ..


Video gallery :

Walking with Aisling….

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