19-07-2011 Hontanas – Fromista

19-07-2011 Hontanas – Fromista

Shortly after 5.00am Huib woke me. I would like to take some more sleep. I got up immediately. I woke up this night and I thought I had to walk rightaway. I took my iPhone to check the time and it was 01.15am. Good to know I have more than 4 hours. Leaving in the morning was difficult because of muscle and back pain. After walking a while it felt again good. We arrived soon at the ruins of the Monastery San Anton. Huib took the time to send a SMS to his girlfriend. Walking went well today. I’m glad we did 35 km today. Physically I could handle it easy. The mountain (Colina de Mostelares) in the beginning was tough. 12% up to 1.050m and 18% down in 350m. Heavy but to do and it can not be compared with the first 2 days in the Pyrenees. I posted today a letter. Before I put the letter in the mailbox I gave the letter a kiss. We had in that village a kind of pea soup, but it’s not as if we know it here in The Netherlands. Felt good and gave energy. Many pilgrims were surprised that we went walking to the next town. We thought that it was 8-10 km, but it proved to be 6 km. Well… 6 heavy km. It went along a canal (Canal de Castilla) but it’s setting was beautiful. We have now entered a new province, named PalenciaFromista is a pretty town, in size it’s almost as big as Maastricht but the difference is that Fromista has only 822 habitants. Going to check it out later.

In Formista something special happened in the Church…

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19-07-2011 Ramond bij ruine klooster San Anton (Camino de Santiago)

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