18-07-2011 Burgos – Hontanas

18-07-2011 Burgos – Hontanas

Yesterday checked the cathedral of Burgos and got myself a pilgrimstamp for my passport. Huib did support me a lot. He gave me nice tips around all kind of private issues. I had 2 missed calls and 1 SMS text message but didn’t notice them because my phone was in silent mode and I also went to sleep early. Patience and rest is important, here you notice this really well. A spaniard told it in nice words. He said that all people who are travelling eventually also return where they belong.

I started to walk today at 06.30am. Burgos is a beautifull city. The hostal was 35 euros so 17.50 per person. The lady on the reception was really nice but she didn’t speak English at all. I was glad to be able to speak with her in Spanish.

The pilgrimmenu was 12 euros but fresh and delicious. A russian salad, lomo with peppers and a beer. When I started walking I remembered the first village was around 6 km from Burgos. So breakfast would be after 1.5 hours walking. I passed a bar where some local raw workers were. They all had a strong alcoholic beverage in front of them. It was 06.30/45 am! I took a coffee and a piece of apple pie. It was nice and only 2 euros.

I continued to walk. After a while walking I met 2 guys, 1 from Croatia and 1 from Germany. They wanted to walk 42 km today. Amazing not? There is a hostel from an Italian orden and they do like it’s traditional according Jesus’ way washing pilgrims feet. Because your feet are the most important for pilgrims. Physical I feel really strong now. Mental is going up and down. I walked a long time at one piece. In the meantime I thought about the concept that you cannot change the past and future.

I wanted to call. The first point I thought I was able to call there was no signal at all and the guy from Croatia came sit next to me while drinking some coffee. The coffee was by the way 1.20 euros at that bar. I continued to walk and you guess it.. no signal… I walked a long time and then I was able to call at last.

The last 7-8 km were heavy. Going down was hurting a bit. I noticed I walked faster and faster to be in time arriving. The arrival in Hontanas felt really good. 2 Spanairds told me why when I was walking why I didn’t run with the bulls in San Fermin next year. My first reaction was not really… but it was tempting to say the truth…

Later that evening they were sitting on a terras and I was wearing my Pamplona t-shirt. They called me since then ‘San Fermin’. I also had found Huib again. He had even done a reservation for me at the hostel in Hontanas. They was a good move of him because I was arriving late and sometimes there are no places available anymore. It was a nice welcome in Hontanas. Holandés? asked the owner of the hostel. I answered puzzled yes and asked why and he told me an amigo de holanda had made a reservation for me. I was in the same hostel than Huib! Huib read in his guide that in this village there was a public pool. Really amazing, only for Pilgrims. Walking to the pool was really going slow and with a lot of pain. Walking did hurt my feet and legs a lot. At the moment we arrived in the pool all pain was forgotten. We enjoyed the beautifull situation. The silent and prettiness. The water was ice cold but I knew it was good for my muscles and bloodcirculation. Huib yelled 1 time come on you are a pilgrim and not a sissy. I jumped in the pool without thinking and hesitation. It was really cold. But o so great. I felt my muscles and whole body reacting…

I hit my head on a window and noticed that my pain level really was much higher than normal in the Netherlands. Dinner was good again, it was 10 euros. Pasta with tomato sauce and a steak (filete the Ternero) with fries and flan for dessert. Nice. At the end of the dinner a German from Berlin sat at our table sat down. He was in the army and was a clarinet player for the Blue Army. He was a professional musician. He was very funny. He was started today in Burgos. So it was his first day.

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Camino de Santiago Ramond

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