12-07-2011 Estella – Los Arcos

12-07-2011 Estella – Los Arcos

This morning started at 6.15 to walk. The start was as usual again hard but eventually we arrived 13.00 in Los Arcos. That was a trip of 22 km. It went smoothly but only the last part the little pain came. I got a warm greeting from Jantje.. even Huib noticed. Was nice… getting attention of a nice 18 year old woman.

We are now in Alberque La Fuente Casa de Austria. This alberque was maintained by 2 young ladies from Austria. The atmosphere was really nice. We arrived their with 3. Huib, Solene and I. We took 1 room for us three. With 3 people you sleep more calm than with dozens in 1 big room. The room was 35 euro and breakfast was 3 euro. We gave 15 euros a person. The nice part of this alberque was that they have WiFi which was good for me because later I was able to call free via VoIP to my dad and mom to see how Natascha is doing after her operation.

After the arrival we noticed how much luck we had. It started to rain a lot. We were glad we already were inside.

It was also the first time for me I could sleep in the bunk-bed on the bottom section. Which was a nice and welcome surprise because I experienced some pains.

We all three wanted to eat in the center. Huib had to go to a bank to retrieve some money from the ATM. They told us the ATM was not that far away but if you stopped walking every additional 100 meter is really hurting. Your body is screaming please don’t walk anymore. If you walk a little bit you feel the pain fade away.

Everyone put money together so we can use the washing-machine. I said I will arrange washing the clothes of us all. When I arrived downstairs I had immediately help from the blonde Austrian young lady. Really helpful and friendly. A really modern washing-machine which showed how many minutes it took before ending the program. Then come back and put the laundry in a basket and put it outside to dry. Because of the raining now and than we decide to put the wet laundry under a little roof in case it started this night to rain.

We went together diner outside… and after we came back we took some time for ourself. Solene experienced a bad moment. In such moment you share special feelings with eachother. The support you have from each other is impossible to write down in words. Beautiful and completely without pressure.

I took the time to call my dad to ask what is happening with Natascha. I was already able to speak with her! It was a nice but also emotional surprise. But nice.. she was just awake from the anaesthesia and she heard a parrot and she asked me if I could do her a favor. If I could send a photo of the parrot to her and send this via mobile now. I sent her a video…

We went to sleep early. It was nice and calm sleeping without so much other people.

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Alberque La Guente de Austria










Ramond in the garden of Alberque La Fuente Casa de Austria

Little parrot… was quiet when recording…

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