28-07-2011 Triacastela – Portomarin

I didn’t wrote about this on the 28th because I was too tired. It is hard to walk 46 km with blisters.

At arrival I had to face a big trauma to overcome. A really high bridge. I didn’t like it but on the camino you don’t have another choice. Just keep on walking. I arrived exhausted but satisfied.

After I showered I hadn’t the energy to do the laundry. Tomorrow. They had a washing machine but no dry machine. Without wind and sun the wash will not dry fast enough. That’s the disadvantage of arriving late.

The good news is that there is Wifi available. Quick call with dad. I wanted to know how much money I had on my credit card. It’s easier to check by computer on internet. Would be a disappointment when I wanted to use the credit card and there was not enough money on it.

I asked for the restaurant and they told me a little bit higher. Nice view on the river. I didn’t took the pilgrimsmenu of 9 euros but I took the Feriamenu of 10 euros. Portion Pulpo with bread and dessert. That was really good of quality and quantity. Better than the previous pulpo. Actually best pulpo I ever had eaten. I also took an extra can of Kas Naranja and it was good to enjoy.

The blister under my foot made me a bit worry. I was barely able to walk. I decided to open the blister. Hmm. If that was a smart move. It was even more uncomfortable to walk now. I was afraid that I couldn’t walk anymore tomorrow.

I saw when I came back in the Albergue that dad asked me the security code of the creditcard and I had a missed call of a friend. I answered dad in a SMS. I called the friend but she didn’t pick up the phone. I sent her a SMS that I walked 46 km and was going to sleep. She called again. We spoke a bit… the conversation was private but I can tell you I got emotional from it.

To get my balance again I watch an episode of Top Gear. Smiling and cars. That works for me. I didn’t watch the episode till the end as I was too tired.

But the relaxation I needed was there. I was happy that I was laying down on a bed. My feet were hurting a lot. I didn’t set the alarm for tomorrow morning. I believed that my body had to recuperate and decide for me.

Photo and Video gallery :

Today started at 05.20 with Damian Karl om 40 km te gaan lopen.

It’s 06.50 and…. Oeps walked in the wrong direction…

It’s now 09.00 and I feel the end of the camino….

Took at 12.00 a little break

More and more blisters

Arrival on a high but beautiful bridge at the river Miño

Approx. arrived 18.00 and totally wasted