21-07-2011 Calzadilla de la Cueza – El Burgo Ranero

Today I started at 05.50 with walking. It was hard but again mentally harder than physical. I had the idea my mind was more tested to the limit than my body.We wanted to walk till Berciano del Real Camino which would be around 30 km. When we arrived we wanted to walk more. Yesterday during diner Huib asked me a question. If I still would love my ex girlfriend if she were in a wheelchair. Yes was my answer without thinking. A Spaniard entered the restaurant and the waiter asked if this person may join our table. We said yes, we like company. His name was Alfonso. We discussed life and women. Huib didn’t follow the conversation well because it was in Spanish but I translated some things for him. I asked Alfonso how you can win the heart of a woman. Alfonso said you can’t. You have to have balance in your own heart and then everything will be good. Special not? I’m too tired to write down more. It has been heavy today. Diner nice and early. The days past weird. It’s 2 days ago I mailed the letter. I’m impatience. Back to now. It’s now 19.55 and I’m enjoying with a cafe con leche outside. I have pain in my stomach. maybe it’s the sweet pepper. I cleaned all the mess out of my bag. Removed the extra things. Weight is important because of the knees. The pain is today acceptable. My little left toe feels a little weird. As if there is no feeling anymore but it hurts. My big toe is sensitive towards the nail. Especially when breathing in and out. Coffee cost here around 1 euro. Most pilgrimmenus are 9 euros. Often you can choose between mixed salade, spaghetti/macaronis, soup as starter. Albondigas, meat or fish as main dish and rice pudding or flan as desert. Wine and water to drink. The last 2 days I had cold red wine. Apparently they do this to masquerade the real taste and quality.  For me no alcohol for a while. You feel that recovery of your body takes more time. The most annoying time to feel the pain is while getting awake. Your muscles are still cold and everything is stiff. Little pains and the stiffness disappear when you walked some time and everything is warmed. Tomorrow I will walk with Huib to León and then we will go our own way. We did support each other a lot but it’s now time that we continue walking our own camino.  We agreed that we can call each other if necessary. Nice to know. He wants to walk 40 km a day while I want to walk around 30 km a day. It’s 320 km after tomorrow, I believe. That should mean 11 days. More later check it out well. I didn’t look anymore. Slept.

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