20-07-2011 Fromista – Calzadilla de la Cueza

This morning started early from Fromista. The start was easy and good. I didn’t notice any effects on me of the lonely plains. We knew it was getting more difficult later. The first 20 km the pace was nice and relax. We had to walk another 17. The last 4 km were hard. It was like it never ended. We saw a church but the village wasn’t there yet. When we passed we saw it wasn’t a complete church but a tower. A little bit walking further we noticed a roof. There was the village. I was very happy. It was a heavy test. A lot of moments to think about life. I have to stop this habit. Trying to control the future based on analyzing information whether gathered in a good or bad way. This is an advantage and in the same time a disadvantage I have. As consultant you are constantly analyzing, interpreting and making choices. Yesterday happened something weird. At the arrival of the albergue I was very happy. I did my daily tasks. I went to the jardin and wrote in my diary. I noticed a laptop with WiFi enabled. Huib wanted to internet. I asked to their little son :”Do you maybe know…”. I was stopped rude by his mother saying :”No WiFi!”. Later I spoke to her to ask if we could maybe use her notebook. Now she became more polite, speaking Spanish does miracles here, and she told me there was a computer in the restaurant with internet access. Today we first wanted to take a hostal as bonus. Finally we took an albergue. 7 euros with a swimmingpool. Today I didn’t swim but I did use it to cool my feet. Cold water is really good for your sore feet. In the garden I used Skype with my father. Without video because the internet connection was too slow. With sound it was working good. We did call 1 hour with each other for free, funny to do. My father told me about supporting me and that I had to take a calm decision what I was planning to do on my last day. He also told me the computer downstairs didn’t work at all. I told him to call a service company as we tried several things by telephone. Mainboard or harddrive failure. He also told me about the weddingday of Natascha and Berrie. I called them and congratulated them. I’m now in Calzadilla de la Cueza.

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