14-07-2011 Logrono – Najera

Today started walking at 06.00. I slept really good. Logroño to Najera (approx 33 km). We started to walk and… we met again the Korean woman but I can’t remember her name because it’s such a difficult one to pronounce. There is no normal conversation possible with her because she doesn’t speak English at all, only some words, because I can’t make decent sentences from the words she tries to speak in English. Today I spoke by phone with Patricia. She asked me if I experienced spiritual or religion things during the camino. I answered her that I will tell her this in person whenever I will meet her, whenever that will be. It is too personal to write it down here and also I thought it was inappropiate to share this by phone with her.

I have to write down a thankyou note for Huib. I wanted to do some things different but he gave me an insight which was more comfortable. A way of dealing with the situation which was better for both of us. Less stress for me and her.

Walking 33 km asks a lot of your body. I was happy that my little pains in my knee were almost disappeared. I was laying down in bed now and it felt really good. My feet looked really weird when I took off my shoes. I asked Huib if he could check if I had blisters or starting blisters. He said I hadn’t and my feet were just swollen. Get them into icecold water and the normal shape will come again, he said. I put my feet in cold water and initially it hurts but then after a few seconds the pain changed into a comfortable feeling which gave a relaxing feeling for my feet. When I dried my feet I was amazed to see my feet looked again normal. A nice feeling.

Today is a kind of relaxing day. Tomorrow we going to sleep until 07.00am.

When we arrived in Najera we didn’t see an albergue. The Basque ladies indeed warned us for this. Apparently closed because of bedbugs… After walking a while we saw a hotel. Budgethotel was on the sign. We said to eachother that we earned the bonus to take a hotel for walking 33 km. When we entered the hotel I thought we were inside a 4 star hotel. The truth was it had 2 stars. It looked beautiful and clean. In such moments you realize how fast you get used to luxurious lifestyle and also how fast I can let it go. It’s a relative. But it was nice to be in a good hotel again. Really enjoying the feeling.

We went to a Eroski supermarket and bought a lot of food and drinks :  Gazpacho, Alioli, 4 french baguette, 100 grams ham,  piece of cheese, 2 x 6 energry bars, tomatoes, big olives, a big empanada, 6 x sausage roll and all this for € 20,56.

I’m going to sleep because I’m too tired to continue to write. Ok,1  thing. Today listened music. Was nice… goodnight… buenas noches…

Video and photo gallery:

06.00am walking with Huib… exchanging Maastrichts and Amsterdams dialect

14-07-2011 Logrono - Najera








View during walking…

Eating the empadana, updating my journal… in hotel Najera

14-07-2011 Huib aan het mailen










Huib emailing… me not yet… I managed the temptation well… LOL